SpinRamp Listen is a 5th Generation monitoring and listening technology that helps you discover, analyze and engage around meaningful conversations, over social and the web, about your brand, customers, the competition and the marketplace

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Is SpinRamp For Me?

Leverage SpinRamp Listen across your product and marketing life cycle – from product conception, innovation and strategy – to campaigns, user acquisition, influencers and the competition. Here’s more..


Marketers & Agencies

* Campaign Performance
* Brand Monitoring
* Influencer Marketing
* Sentiment Analysis
* Brand Advocates
* Campaign Creatives

PR & Promotion

* Product Launches
* Content Marketing
* Event Marketing
* Celebrate Fans
* Crisis PR

Product, Sales

* Trends
* Thought Leaders
* Competitive Analysis
* Audiences
* Strategic Partners, Leads

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Why SpinRamp

* measurable benefits: Be it influencer marketing, lead generation or campaigns, SpinRamp delivers – with charts and tools that make sense, and drive measurable benefits in weeks.

* sophisticated, ease to use: No matter how complex your query SpinRamp’s mix of content, charts and tools means you don’t switch tabs to get to stuff – its’ all in one place.

* more features, more value: SpinRamp delivers more features and performance for your budget than anyone else. Bring us their quote, we’ll try beat it.

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