With SpinRamp Listen you can integrate social listening across your marketing life cycle – from product launch to brand awareness, user acquisition, influencer campaigns and much much more.

The following list highlights key use cases for how SpinRamp Listen can help you meet and exceed your product, marketing or corporate objectives.

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Product Launches

Be it a gadget, book, movie or music video, monitor chatter on social before, during and after a product launch.

Discover Audience

Use Social Listening to identify groups and personas that identify with your brand. Discover new fans, optimize your social campaign.


Content Marketing

Increase content consumption – convert snackers to subscribers. optimize headline keywords and hashtags.

Brand Monitoring

Monitor what the audience – both fans and detractors are saying about you brand.


Campaign Effectiveness

Use social listening to track the effectiveness of your social campaign – track Urls and hash tags.

Sentiment Analysis

Measure sentiment and attitudes of your audience in response to a hashtag, a campaign. Across multiple languages, with geo-fencing.

Campaign Creatives

Use social listening to identify keywords and memes that may have greater likelihood of being associated with your product.

Influencer Marketing

Identify, evaluate and engage with influencers. Amplify your message and build deep engagement with your audience.


Celebrate Fans

Single out your most consistent and ardent fans with a shout out and more… give them the recognition they deserve.

Brand Advocates

Turn everyday fans into passionate advocates of the brand. Track your campaigns, audit your performance.

Event Marketing

Promote and improve event attendance . Drive deep crowd engagement with highly localized shout outs and awards

Competitive Intelligence

Keep tabs on your competitors – see how their campaigns are faring, track product launches and measure sentiment,

Crisis PR

Respond to fast moving crises around your brand or content –  be it is a product or a marketing fail or a political meltdown.