SpinRamp Acceptable Use Policy

This Acceptable Use Policy, effective May 15th2018, must be read as an integral part, in its entirety, of the SpinRamp Terms of Service in effect at the time.

1       Definitions

Terms defined here must be read as a continuation and a part of the terms defined in the SpinRamp Terms of Service and vice versa.

2       Access to and Use of SpinRamp Service

2.1      Customer agrees to put in place processes and procedures that will ensure all Customer Users who have access to use SpinRamp will adhere to the guidelines set forth herein and any violations will be promptly reported to SpinRamp and corrected where possible.

2.2      Customer may only access and use the SpinRamp Service through the SpinRamp providing web login, mobile or other app logins and as applicable any API access. All access should only be via named accounts – assigned one per unique named individuals that represents the Customer.

2.3      Customer agrees to provide and maintain accurate and current Service Account information and Connected Applications Authorization. SpinRamp will not require any information other than what is absolutely needed to provide the SpinRamp Service.

2.4      Customer will designate a Customer Administrator who will be responsible, at a minimum, for managing the Customer Workgroup, adding Customer Operators, ensuring their information is up to date, removing Customer Operators who no longer have authorization and for maintaining privilege and access to information and functionality compliant with Customer policies.

2.5      SpinRamp will not control or manage privilege and access control other than that which is provided to manage SSO or as provided for in the SpinRamp Service.

2.6      Each Customer Operator, the Customer Administrator and the Customer is individually and collectively responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of all Service Account passwords, for ensuring that each Service Account password is used only by the authorized user, for ensuring that Service Accounts and passwords are not shared, and for maintaining the security of the Service Account and of the SpinRamp equipment needed to connect to, access or use the SpinRamp Service and the Connected Applications. Customer shall limit access to the SpinRamp Service only to authorized persons and will promptly disable all access to the Service Account by any employee, contractor or Customer representative who is no longer authorized to use the SpinRamp Service. Any violations will be promptly reported to SpinRamp.

3       Prohibited Content

Customer is responsible for reviewing and approving all Customer Content created or entered through or in its Service Account. Customer is solely responsible for monitoring the communications it receives from users of the Connected Applications that are processed through the SpinRamp Service and for removing, within 2 business days, of any Prohibited Content from the SpinRamp Service. SpinRamp does not pre-screen Customer Content, however SpinRamp has the right, but not the obligation, to remove Prohibited Content from, or refuse to process any Prohibited Content on, the SpinRamp Service and to make it unavailable through the SpinRamp Service, as SpinRamp may reasonably determine.

In addition, upon notice, SpinRamp may terminate or suspend use by any authorized user that created or entered or processed such Prohibited Content.

4       Inbound Customer Content

Further Customer warrants they have the right to view, use any Inbound Customer Content and that it was not unlawfully obtained or modified to disguise its ownership, and that its possession is not in violation of applicable laws. If it is not evidently in the public domain, then the Customer has documentation on file that it can provide to SpinRamp verifying its right to use the content.

5       Outbound Customer Content

Customer warrants that they will have put in place processes and procedures to ensure that no Outbound Customer Content has any Prohibited Content and promptly notify SpinRamp of any violations. And that they will also put in place processes and procedures to detect and remedy, at the earliest possible, any violations of these policies.

6       3rdParty Content

In its use of the SpinRamp Service the Customer will come across 3rdParty Content generated by various subscribed feeds. Customer must have procedures and policies in place to license or solicit such content for use from the rightful content owner. If such content was received via a Connected Application then Customer may follow the guidelines for re-posting, quoting, modifying, annotating or curating such content per the terms set forth by the Connected Application.

7       Incidental Content

In its use of the SpinRamp Service the Customer may introduce Incidental Content into its Workgroup. Customer must have procedures and policies in place to detect and remove such content.

8       Content Violations

SpinRamp neither has the obligation nor the means to monitor any Customer Content or 3rdParty Content for any violations. Customer shall indemnify and hold SpinRamp harmless against any consequent Losses incurred by SpinRamp as a result of such violations by Customer.

9       Disclosure by and Agreements with Influencers

Customer may or may not enter into formal or informal agreements with their Influencers. Customer warrants that they and their Influencers will follow all applicable ‘fair disclosure’ laws regarding any need for an Influencer to disclose their engagement by the Customer and the amount and type of fee they are being paid. Regardless SpinRamp has no obligation to monitor, enforce or remedy such agreements on behalf of either party. However in the event Customer or Influencer willfully violated any applicable ‘fair disclosure’ laws, SpinRamp reserves the right to terminate their access to the SpinRamp Service.

10     Disclosure to and Interaction with Respondents

Customers must disclose and obtain consent of any Respondents they interact with via SpinRamp that their interactions and exchange may be retained for both support, audit and other business purposes even if such retention of records, even if they may differ from the terms of service of any Connected Applications that the Customer and the Respondent are communicating through. Regardless SpinRamp has no obligation to monitor such disclosure or remedy it and Customer shall indemnify and hold SpinRamp harmless against any consequent Losses incurred by SpinRamp.

11     Compliance with Connected Applications

Customer must comply with all applicable laws, regulations and the terms of service and rules and policies of any Connected Service with respect to its usage of the SpinRamp Service, including its processing of any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person as defined by the applicable data protection laws, via the SpinRamp Service. Customer is responsible for all activity conducted under its Service Account, regardless of knowledge or intent, as well as all Customer Content that is entered through its Service Account on the SpinRamp Service.

12     Changes to Acceptable Use Policy

This Acceptable Use Policy may be updated from time to time for any reason; each version will at a minimum apply to information collected while it was in place. Spinramp reserves the right to apply the updated Acceptable Use Policy to prior data as well. SpinRamp will notify the Customer of any modifications to SpinRamp Acceptable Use Policy by posting the new Acceptable Use Policy on SpinRamp Site and indicating the date of the latest revision. Customers are advised to consult this Acceptable Use Policy regularly for any changes.

A Customer’s continued use of the SpinRamp Service after the revised Acceptable Use Policy has become effective indicates that the Customer has read, understood and agreed to the current version of this Acceptable Use Policy.