Business Events: the case for Social

Key Benefits

  • Improved Event Attendance
  • Optimized Event Messaging
  • Amplify Event Engagement
  • Manage After Event
  • Measure Performance

The Case

It has become harder than ever for brands and enterprises to attract and engage event audiences. Not only are the number of specialist and industry professional events on the rise but the growth of social and abundance of online content has made it almost impossible to attract attention, stay on message and measure success.

Paid media – both display, search and placed advertising continues to play a powerful  and traditional role in marketing an event. However, getting opinion makers and industry influencers onboard can greatly help improve an events relevance and authenticity.

Why SpinRamp

In fact a practical and proactive social media strategy can add tremendously to an event’s success.  SpinRamp has ready-to-go features that can help an enterprise’s event marketing team do just that. Here are some examples:

Event Attendance: Identify and engage with influencers. Connect with those that may be visiting the show or extend invitations. Leverage to greatly amplify, validate your event.

Event Messaging: Optimize your messaging by using SpinRamp’s Listen’s hashtag reporting and identifying affiliated segments and keywords.

Event Engagement: Gamify events by having attendees post to a challenge – either a photo or text response. Use localization tools to only reward posts sent from location

After Event: Work with influencers and brand advocates to message and manage post-event marketing.

Performance: Monitor events hosted by competitors and their marketing and messaging strategies, as well as their social performance.

With SpinRamp’s Listen tool you can start small and start smart. And growing your event social strategy over time.

Get in touch with your friendly SpinRamp salesperson to learn more. We’ll even help you craft a winning strategy.




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