Venture Capital: the case for Social Listening


Key Benefits

  • Track Strategic Sector Trends
  • Identify, Engage Influencers
  • Monitor peer VCs / Investors
  • Compliance of Partners, Founders
  • Manage Crisis PR

The Case

The fast moving world of online of social has made it increasingly hard for VC’s and other professional investors to stay on top of sector trends, identify thought leaders and change makers, and discover opportunities as they emerge. Traditional newsletters and email subscriptions no longer suffice. This comes at a time when VC’s are expected to become the entrepreneur’s entrepreneur – knowing as much if not more about industry segments than the founder’s themselves.

Investors also need to monitor peer investment firms and understand their business vectors and posture more proactively.
Including how they are shaping conversations and building a public posture around various industry issues.

And with the increasing emphasis on workplace conduct Venture firms also need to monitor their partners as well as the  executive leadership of their portfolio companies.
Not just that, firms also require to have a proactive crisis PR plan in place to deal with a variety of exigencies.

Why SpinRamp

SpinRamp Listen has ready-to-go features that can help a VC or investor’s marketing team be more proactive in how they amplify opportunity and  mitigate or manage risk.
Here’s how.

Track Strategic Sector Trends: Use our comprehensive Listening tool with hashtags, keywords. Isolate by region with geo-fencing. Gauge sentiment with sentiment analysis.

Identify, Engage Influencers: The Percentile Analysis and Histogram Affiliation tools help separate spam bots from real people, one-off commentators from real experts.

Monitor peer VCs / Investors: Use account level monitoring to track specific companies or known investors over a period of time.

Compliance of Partners, Founders: Support founders and partners in complying with guidelines, best practices  to minimize risk and exposure. Maintain record of public posts.

Manage Crisis PR: Engage with allies and influencers on social to mitigate crisis around negative or incorrect news. Establish audit trail of public posts.

With SpinRamp’s Listen tool you can start small and start smart. And growing your event social strategy over time.

Get in touch with your friendly SpinRamp salesperson to learn more. We’ll even help you craft a winning strategy.



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