feature summary


The SpinRamp Listen module features state of the art capabilities to listen to social and search conversations across multiple networks. Here is a high level feature summary with more new features being added all the time!

For a full list of features or a demo – contact us.

Usable Reporting

  • Summarized Stats – reach, posts, reach, users and impressions.
  • Share of Retweet – track share of original posts vs retweets
  • Daily Performance – track posts by hour, day, week or month.
  • Top Contributors – identify prospective customers, influencers
  • Related Tag Cloud – related tags for follow-on tracker use.
  • Keyword Tag Cloud – related keywords
  • Recent Timeline – most recent posts (spam filtered)
  • Most Shared Posts – identify viral, popular posts.
  • Most Shared URLs – identify URLs or articles that are viral, popular.
  • Geo Heat map – identified geographic regions and locales
  • Top Influencers  – identify the most influential social users.
  • Mark Spammers – use specialized marking tools
  • Categorize Influencers by Groups for Export
  • Link Share – share your reports as a page
  • PDF Share – share your reports as a PDF
  • Download – download sanitized data for analysis.

Sentiment Analysis

  • Basic Sentiment
  • Advanced, Multi-lingual (premium plans)
  • Sampling Options
  • Sparse Text Optimized
  • Expanding Data Sets

Feeds & Search

  • Social Networks – supported for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.
  • Multi-lingual – full multi-lingual sentiment analysis.
  • Selections – by Hashtag, Keyword, Account, Mention or URL
  • Timed / Continuous – run tracker for a fixed time period or non-stop.
  • Trackers – run multiple trackers – one for each Selection
  • Geo-fencing – target specific regions using Google Maps.

Content Review

  • Filter – by network, popularity, sentiment, spam.
  • By User – view all relevant content summarized by User
  • Engage – reply, retweet and like posts by users and influencers.
  • Spam – mark users as spam, filter our spam content