Marketers & Agencies

* Campaign Performance Use social listening to track the effectiveness of your organic marketing campaigns – use tools for hash tag tracking, influencer, content URL and sentiment analysis.
* Brand Monitoring Monitor what the audience – both fans and others are saying about you brand. Track for a day or over years. Use our powerful analysis and sentiment tools to make sense of it all.
* Influencer Marketing Identify, evaluate and engage with influencers, monitor their performance and measure the reach of their content.
* Sentiment Analysis Measure sentiment and attitudes of your influencers, thought leaders and your audience in response to a campaign. Works with multiple languages and geo-filtering.
* Brand Advocates * Brand Advocates: Turn everyday fans into passionate advocates of the brand. Using our data tools to filter and identify the most passionate fans of your brand and include them in your outreach programs.
* Campaign Creatives * Campaign Creatives: Use social listening to identify related keywords, memes and content that may have greater likelihood of being associated with your product.