Tell me about SpinRamp

Leverage SpinRamp Listen across your product and marketing life cycle – from product conception, innovation and strategy – to campaigns, user acquisition, influencers and the competition. Here’s more..

Plan, Stage, Execute

* Plan Campaigns, Schedule, Segment Audiences
* Listen, Sample, Monitor across multiple social
* Identify Influencers, Engage, Audit
* Classify Tag, Mark Content, Spam Filters
* Collaborate, Public Report Pages, Share, Export

Listen, Monitor

* Search multiple social and web feeds with 1 query
* Select hashtags, keywords, URLs, ages, accounts, mentions,
* Use Advanced Boolean criteria
* Schedule dates or monitor forever.
* Geo-fence by cities and countries.
* Recognizes up to 30 languages.

Measure, Analyze  

* Measure multiple types of activity over time
* Filter by type of social network, post and more
* Perform multi-variate filter analysis
* Dynamically time-part archived or live running queries
* Perform multi-lingual sentiment analysis
* Gauge sentiment multi-lingually.

Classify, Tag, Engage   

* Interactive Percentile Analysis to Segment Influencers
* Interactive Histogram Analysis to Classify Hashtags, Keywords
* Tag Content Into Groups, Mark as Spam, Filter Content
* Research individual posts, content.
* Reply, Like, Re-Tweet Content

Collaborate, Share

* Manage Teams, Permissions
* Use Agency Friendly Campaign Client Tags
* Share Live Public Dashboards 
* Print PDF Reports, Include in your Documents
* Export Data to CSV files and Spreadsheets
* Custom Post-Processing