SpinRamp Listen  is a sophisticated social listening tool with some delightfully innovative and thoughtful features. Start simple with one hashtag. Or start smart with a full Social Listening strategy.

Here’s more.

How it Works

Search hashtags, keywords more…
Over Twitter, Facebook, Instagram
Gather data over days or months.
Reports ready to go for every need.
Analyze with powerful data tools.

Search Simple, Search Smart

Search multiple social with 1 click.
Select hashtags, keywords, URLs
Track pages, accounts, mentions,
Geo-fence by cities and countries.
Schedule dates or monitor forever.
Speaks up to thirty (30) languages.


Measure, Assess, Manage

Measure types of activity over time
Identify contributors, influencers.
Evaluate other hashtags, keywords.
Research individual posts, content.
Gauge sentiment multi-lingually.

Exclude spammers, bad content
Filter using multiple variables.
Drill down with percentile analysis.


Manage teams, permissions
Agency friendly campaign tags
Share live dashboards, PDFs
Segment by Audience.