Use SpinRamp Trends across your product and marketing life cycle – from product conception, innovation and strategy – to campaigns, user acquisition, influencers and the competition. Here’s more..​

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Track Trends

* Monitor across keywords, hashtags
* Search multiple social and web feeds
* Track activity over date range or non-stop.

* Keep tabs on customers, the competition.
* Discover similar trends, new markets.


* Gauge sentiment w fine-grain settings.
* Start simple, use advanced filtering.
* Geo-fence by cities and countries.
* Recognizes up to 30 languages.

Find Influencers, Prospects

* Identify Influencers, Thought Leaders
* Classify and Tag Influencer Groups
* Reach out, Engage with Influencers
* Use Interactive Percentile Filters
* Filter Spams and Bot Accounts


* Hone in on Prospects, Advocates.
* Differentiate engaged Audiences.
* Audit performance of Influencers

Discover Content

* Discover relevant, popular URLs, posts
* Mark as Spam, Filter Content
* Research individual posts, URLs.
* Reply, Like, Re-Tweet Content.

* Use Interactive Percentile, Chart Filters
* Classify content by Sentiment

Collaborate, Share

* Manage Teams, Workgroups, Permissions
* Agency Friendly Campaign Client Tags
* Share Live Public Dashboards 
* Export Data to CSV files and Spreadsheets
* Print PDF Reports with Charts